Anyone who wants to become a member of the Ukrainian Lime Industry Association should:

  1. To get acquainted with the extract from the Constitution of the Association “On Association membership”.
  2. Fill out an application for membership in the Association.
  3. Prepare a brief reference about the company (business description – total production capacity, fuel type for furnaces for lime producers, customer structure by product industries, etc.)
  4. Send the application and the reference about the company to email
  5. Prepare and provide the Association with a set of supporting documents.
  6. Pay the first membership fee according to the concluded agreement.

For detailed information and coordination of organizational issues, contact the ULIA Development Projects Coordinator: Roman Gladunenko (mob. +38 (050) 419 75 06)

Set of supporting documents:

  1. Copy of state registration certificate.
  2. Copy of statistics certificate.
  3. Copy of the document on the appointment of the head.
  4. Copy of tax certificate form 4-OPP.
  5. Bank and actual postal details, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and other means of communication.

 ULIA application form