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The war in Ukraine is still going on

Meanwhile the invading Russian Forces occupy our ruined cities, towns and villages destroying Infrastructure, Industry, and more importantly Commercial, and Public buildings, as well as civilian Houses, Apartments, Hospitals and Schools. This is leading to the deaths of many thousand civilians and soldiers as well as the displacement of millions of Ukrainian people from small children to old and disabled people. But the Ukrainian people with help from surrounding countries and their own armed forces are showing the world that they are defending their country and are looking forward to victory and rebuilding of the country.

The ULIA, under the Presidency of Mykhailo Korylkevych and guided by his Team are developing a new Strategy.

This Strategy is developing in three directions:

  • International Relations Expansion,
  • Developing Working Strategies with Local Governments
  • The Deepening of Collaborations with the members of ULIA

Activities are currently in hand and being planned. To meet the ongoing requirements of this Strategy the ULIA Team are looking at developing  “The Centre of Ukraine Support”, with the International Lime Associations Support (ILA, Eula, etc.). The next step in this initiative and the topic of next meeting will be the discussion of creation stages and functioning principles of such a center.

The details of this Strategy were presented to Paul Ellis, the President of The ILA on the 9th May in a Virtual Meeting. The President was very supportive of the ideas and would look at how the ILA could help.

At the meeting there were present leaders of Local Associations and also Yuriy Fridman, sales and marketing director of CLSC “Novotroitske rudupravlinnya” being also, on a part-time basis the development director of ULIA, Maksym Shvetsx, the strategy consultant of the association and the representative of ULIA in the west of Ukraine Oleg Misyuk.

In the conditions of ongoing war, our responsibility is to stabilize the lime industry and in the so help in the reconstruction of Ukraine and to revive Ukrainian economy.

The ULIA has a devoted team that is ready to coordinate the work focused on the economy’s resurgence.

The fast recovery of business is influenced greatly by the defensive abilities of our country from the  aggressors and will be a key point in the country and industry rebirth after war.