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ULIA presents researches of consumers and suppliers of lime in Ukraine for January-March, 2020 (railway deliveries).

The Ukrainian lime industry association presents the analysis of  lime supply by the railroad for January-March, 2020. Following the results of a research was primary branches of consumption of lime, consumers, suppliers are updated.

In January-March, 2020 lime supply by the railroad made 70 thousand tons that there is 36% less than the level of last year. At the same time in March 22 thousand tons of lime are delivered that there is less March indicator of last year for 31%.

The enterprises of a metallurgical complex are the main consumers of lime the railroad, as well as in general in the market. The enterprises of chemical industry own also powerful share.

It is important to note what almost all deliveries was carried out by the enterprises of the free market, that is producers, not have relations with the clients for whom production and selling of lime are primary activity.

The market of suppliers of lime the railroad differs in high concentration: In January-March, 2019 all railway deliveries provided eight suppliers. At the same time top three: UKRSPETSIZVEST group of companies, the concrete goods and DZBM, Lysychansk plant – together made 88% of deliveries.

In comparison with last year, the UKRSPETSIZVEST group kept leadership though reduced a share, but, the concrete goods Lysychansk plant significantly increased deliveries. Other leaders of deliveries of last year, DZBM and especially Belokrinitsky limy the plant, reduced deliveries. In March showed some increase in shipments of lime AZOVBUDMATERIALY. But, considerably reduced deliveries of DZBM.

The market of consumers also differs in high concentration. The main consumers of lime the railroad in January-March, 2020 is Zaporizhstal, DMK and AMKR. The cumulative share the TOP of 3 consumers made in January-March 87% of all deliveries by rail. In March, in comparison with February, it should be noted sharp reduction of supply of lime for DMK and also for AMKR, but, sharply increased deliveries Zaporizhstal.

Content of a full research of consumers and suppliers of lime in Ukraine for January-February, 2020 (railway deliveries).

For those interested, the ULIA offers a complete research, which includes the following documents:

  • report (.pdf format)
  • database (Excel format) – contains complete information of consumers and suppliers of a lime for January-February 2020 (railway deliveries)

The report contains the following sections:

  1. Branch cut of consumption of lime, thousand tons (2019-2020, January-March)
  2. Consumers of lime: TOP-9 the market, thousand tons (dynamics 2019-2020, January – March)
  3. Consumers of lime: in details by the month, thousand tons (2020, January – March)
  4. Suppliers of lime: TOP-9 the market, thousand tons (dynamics 2019-2020, January – March)
  5. Suppliers of lime: in details by the month, thousand tons (2020, January – March)
  6. Lime supply distribution by the railroad in a section the supplier / client, thousand tons (2019-2020, January – March)
  7. Conclusions

If you are interested in obtaining full results of the research, please contact the following contacts:

Hladunenko Roman, CEO, ULIA 

phone: +38 (050) 419-75-06

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