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ULIA presents a research of the import-export dynamics of lime in Ukraine based on the results of 2019.

After the minimal deliveries in 2014 within the next years there were a moderate growth in the import of lime with a peak value of 77.3 thousand tons in 2018. The next year showed the continuation of a trend of growth: in 12 months import made 85.2 thousand tons that there is more than last year’s level of 5%.

Import supply of lime in 2018 made about 6.5 thousand tons a month, with separate Peak deliveries in May, June and October at the level of about 9 thousand tons. Beginning of 2019 showed a reduction of average monthly deliveries to level about 6 thousand tons in January-June. In the second half of the year, monthly deliveries increased and provided an average value of lime imports of about 7 thousand tons. since the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the year among the importing countries like Poland was the leader, which, however, sharply reduced supplies in 2019, shifting to the fourth position (15 at the end of 2019, when Moldova (25%) came to the first position, and Belarus (24%) and Slovakia (16%) were among the three leaders.

Since 2015 the main consumer imported limes is the metallurgy which in 2016 provided already nearly a half of import. However in the next years a share of the metallurgical enterprises significantly decreased, and such trend remained in 2019 (33%). Among other primary branches: trading companies, producers of building materials, chemical industry and producers of a gas concrete.

The leader among importers of lime since 2015 is the company LHOIST which imports products of own enterprises from Poland and the Czech Republic. However several years the company lost the positions, and in 2019 its share made already 23% that caused movements of the second position. But, the Rybnitsky company cement plant (Moldova) came out on top, also among Krasnosel’skstroymaterialy (Belarus) and group Calmit (Slovakia and Hungary).

Among the Ukrainian companies consumers import there were changes: for 2019 on the first positions send the companies: GP “East GOK”, PJSC Zaporozhstal and VostGOK (Sumykhimprom) whereas long-term leader, Ltd Company Dniprostal (Interpipe Steel) almost stopped deliveries to a import.

Content of a full research of import and export dynamics of lime

For those interested, the ULIA offers a complete research, which includes the following documents:

  • report (.pdf format)
  • database (Excel format) – contains complete information on import-export activity for the period 2014-2019, by section of each delivery, with indication of the Ukrainian importer, foreign supplier, type and fraction of lime, packaging, customs and invoice value, terms of delivery and detailed description of the goods. The database, using Excel tools, provides enough opportunity to obtain detailed information on import-export activities according to the needs of the research customer.

The report contains the following sections:

  1. Import export dynamics of lime, thousand tons in 2013-2019  
  2. Lime import: Monthly dynamics, thousand tons in 2015-2019 
  3. Lime import: Dynamics in a section of types in 2015-2019 
  4. Lime import: dynamics of shares of supplying countries in 2014-2019 
  5. Import and export of lime in a section of the partner countries in 2014-2019    
  6. Lime import: Dynamics in a section of trademarks / groups of companies, 2015-2019 
  7. Import of lime of the loudspeaker in a section of producers, 2014-2019
  8. Lime import: Producers it (is detailed), 2019 
  9. Lime import: Dynamics in a section of the industries of consumption (importers), 2014-2019       
  10. Lime import: Dynamics in a section of importers of consumers, 2015-2019 
  11. Lime import: Importers it (is detailed), 2019 
  12. Lime import: Price dynamics in a section of types, 2016-2019, UAH/t (customs value)
  13. Conclusions

If you are interested in obtaining full results of the research, please contact the following contacts:

Hladunenko Roman, CEO, ULIA 

phone: +38 (050) 419-75-06

email: info@limeindustry.in.ua