The Ukrainian Lime Industry Association (ULIA) offers new members to join its ranks to maximize the coverage of market players and provide a full view of the industry in intersectoral, inter-business contacts, interaction with government institutions, contacts with foreign structures and the investment environment.

The ULIA membership provides the following benefits:

  • ULIA is Ukraine’s only member of the ILA (International Lime Association). Accordingly, the ULIA membership gives the opportunity to participate in ILA events, to be involved in acquaintance with best practices, new trends in development, technical and technological innovations.
  • The ULIA members receive a quarterly marketing report on the dynamics of the industry.
  • ULIA is an instrument for lobbying the interests of market players in relations with government institutions. Based on the partnership principles of activity and collegial decision-making, the ULIA membership gives the opportunity to participate in the development of decisions aimed at improving the regulatory conditions of the market, which will be further promoted at the governmental level.
  • ULIA, as an industry-wide alliance, is the addressee of the receipt of project and tender proposals, which are subsequently submitted to members of the association for consideration.
  • ULIA members have substantial discounts on participation in regular annual conferences held under the patronage of the association. Conferences, forums and round tables, besides a source of relevant information, is a powerful platform for meeting people and establishing new business connections.
  • ULIA has significant experience in attracting investments and has well-established ties with a foreign investment environment, allows to assist in fostering dialogue and finding potential investors and financial borrowings.

Among the opportunities that ULIA membership opens, the following can be highlighted shortly:

  • platform for the effective communication of industry players
  • way of communication with the authorities
  • personal contacts with business owners in the industry
  • publication and description of carbonate quarries of Ukraine
  • advisory services and assistance in obtaining a license, land, other specialized documentation
  • advisory services for the development and improvement of business efficiency – financial, consulting, technical
  • investor relations and sequence of investments receipt
  • receiving information products, free and at reduced prices
  • preferential cost of participation (discount up to 50%) in conferences and other ULIA events
  • the opportunity to participate in the annual conference of the International Lime Association exclusively through the ULIA

We will be glad to see you among members of the association, which influence power on the positive dynamics of the development of a common industry for us will depend on your proactive position and our unity in the face of the problems and threats that have arisen in today’s difficult political and economic circumstances.