In the course of the ULIA regular measurements of the industry’s problem areas, among the main ones the issue of professionalism of personnel is always noted. This issue concerns almost all players of the industry, and because of its relevance, a decision has been made to create a separate unit: the ULIA Recruiting Agency.

The ULIA Recruiting Agency is the only one in the market that specializes in the lime and mining industries. The narrow focus, existing experience, direct contacts with the largest market players ensure efficient and transparent cooperation with customers.

Understanding the problems and requests “from the inside” and communication in one professional language will allow to find the shortest way for the optimal solution of the personnel issue.


cost formation of recruitment services

The ULIA Recruiting Agency is the only specialized agency for the lime and mining industries. The agency will definitely find a candidate who meets reasonable requirements, even if it takes more time. Moreover, the customer will receive timely and complete information on the progress of the search, the reasons for the refusal or rejection of candidates.

1. The cost of recruiting services is 14-18% of the estimated annual income of the selected employee. Annual income consists of a salary and all additional estimated payments calculated in average values: bonuses, commissions, rewards.

  • Professional employees – 14% of annual income;
  • Middle management (head of department, structural unit) – 16% of annual income;
  • Top management (directors, heads of business directions) – 18% of the employee’s annual income.

 2. In arriving at cost of work it is taken into account:

  • the complexity of the future production tasks of the employee and the requirements for candidates;
  • the attractiveness of the company, the proposed work and its payment for candidates;
  • search methods that can be effective in order fulfillment (recruiting, “direct search”, headhunting, search in regions with a “depressed” labor market);
  • scope and success of previous experience of cooperation with a specific customer;
  • the number / rarity of selected specialists in the labor market;
  • the number of vacancies simultaneously taken to work from one enterprise.

 3. The cost of services can be specified and changed as a result of new agreements on the level of payment between the client company and the candidate.

 4. The cost of agency services for the ULIA participants of is 50% of the prices determined for other organizations.

Indicative prices for ULIA members:

  • Professional employees – 7% of annual income;
  • Middle management (head of department, structural unit) – 8% of annual income;
  • Top management (directors, heads of business directions) – 9% of the employee’s annual income.

5. In the event that an employee is resigned or dismissed  at the initiative of the employer (except when the contracting company fails to comply with the stated working conditions from the side) during the warranty period, the agency searches for new candidates (replacement) at its own expense. If the customer changes the requirements for candidates for replacement, the agency may revise the cost of services.

Those who are interested in obtaining services or for consultation, please refer to the indicated contacts.

Head of the ULIA Recruiting Unit (Agency)

Tetiana Hapuk