PJSC “Ternopil Quarry” is one of the leading companies of Ukraine in the limestone market, which is engaged in the development of limestone stone deposits with its further processing into construction and other types of materials. The active development of PJSC “Ternopil Quarry” has allowed to increase the annual production capacity up to 2 million tons of production per year. Production is carried out on three quarries in the Ternopil region. PJSC “Ternopil Quarry” is making consistent efforts to introduce high-tech methods of limestone stone extraction and processing, which allow to increase the quantitative indicators of production and to ensure the stable quality of finished products. Particular attention is paid to the logistical issue – optimization of warehousing, sorting and shipment processes has provided several times increase in the daily shipment of products by rail and motor transport. The products of PJSC “Ternopil Quarry” are certified and meet all requirements and standards of Ukraine. The partners of the company are the largest enterprises of metallurgical, sugar, silicate, construction and other industries of the country. In 2011, PJSC “Ternopil Quarry” was among the founders of the Ukrainian Lime Industry Association.

  • 47372, Ternopilska obl., Zbarakyy r-n, s. Maksymivka, vul. Stara Maksymivka, 29
  • phone: +38 (0352) 24 32 71, +38 (050) 442 89 08


  • CRH manufactures and supplies a range of integrated building materials, products and innovative solutions for the construction industry
  • From primary materials, to products that are highly engineered and high-value-added, to integrated building solutions, CRH is uniquely positioned to address evolving trends in global construction markets
  • Our products can be found throughout the built environment from major public infrastructure to commercial buildings and residential structures
  • CRH has a long standing and proven commitment to sustainability
    and is ranked among sector leaders by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating agencies
  • Our materials, value-added products and building solutions play an important role in shaping a more sustainable built environment
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The company extracts limestone and burns lime in mine furnaces using anthracite. For production of lime we use our own high quality raw materials – limestone from the Stryganets deposit. The main consumers of the company’s products are the enterprises of construction, energy and chemical industries. Shipment of products is carried out both by road and by rail. In 2011, Halychyna-Lime LLC was one of the founders of the Ukrainian Lime Industry Association.

  • 76000, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Halych, Vitovsky st., 32A.
  • Tel. fax: +38 (050) 373 34 88,
  • +38 (050) 447 78 95
  • email:

SMA Mineral AS

SMA Mineral AS – the first company to become a member of the Association for Associate Membership, which is offered for foreign companies and companies that are not participants in the limestone and lime market, but are consumers of these products, service providers, provide logistics, etc., who are interested in developing relationships with industry representatives and have access to up-to-date and reliable market information. SMA Mineral AS is one of the largest producers of lime products in Northern Europe and Bulgaria. The company owns limestone quarries and limestone plants that supply high-quality products of a wide range for industries such as metallurgy, paper industry, agriculture, water and flue gas treatment, construction industry and more. SMA Mineral AS offers easy access to products for its customers thanks to its large production volumes and well-developed logistics department. The company can also act as a partner in planning, construction and financing.

  • Männiku tee 123/1 EE-Tallinn 11216 Estonia
  • Phone: +372 658 59 60
  • Fax: +372 655 92 35


The group of companies “UKRSPECYZVEST” specializes in the production of high-quality lime for steel mills and other industrial enterprises. Modern furnaces, a multi-level firing control system, qualified personnel, clean raw materials – all these factors make it possible to obtain a quality product and provide industry leadership. Production of the company’s products is based on two factories: – Kupyansk plant (Kupyansk, Kharkiv region); – Gubinsky plant (Gubinikha town of Dnipropetrovsk region). Each of these enterprises has undergone a major modernization, which includes the installation of modern electronic systems for the control and automation of industrial processes, advanced kilns, crushing equipment, other devices that provide high production efficiency and quality of products. The introduction of high production technologies and effective management allow the company to take a long standing leading position among lime producers in the free market.

  • 49000, Dnipro, Sicheslavskaya Naberezhnaya, 45
  • Tel. fax: +38 056 719 90 61
  • email:


Novotroyitske Management is the largest producer of limestone in Ukraine with a production volume of 4 million tons per year and a market share of 33%.
The volume of realization of Novotroitsky ore management has increased 5 times in the last 5 years, since 2013.
The company was founded in 1933 and for many decades is a reliable supplier of products of its own production for the enterprises of mining and metallurgy, glass, sugar, lime, construction, agricultural and road-repair industries in Ukraine.

  • 85732, Ukraine, Donetsk region
  • Volnovakha district Novotroitske, Kyiv st., 85

PJSC “Zaporizhstal”

PJSC “Zaporizhstal” is a company with a full metallurgical cycle, which occupies a leading place in steel production in Ukraine, in the export of metal products to more than 50 countries of the world, as well as in tax deductions. In 2018, the Works increased tax transfers to the budget of Ukraine, sending more than 3.8 billion hryvnias to the state treasury.

  • Zaporozhye, Juzhnoe shosse, 72, Ukraine, 69008
  • e-mail:
  • Phone: +38 061 286 60 99
  • Fax: + 38 061 218 10 41


Kovalska is a leading construction materials manufacturer and property developer of Ukraine.

  • 01011, Kyiv, Panasa Mirny st., 4
  • email:
  • Phone / Fax: (044) 591-77-00


INTERPIPE STEEL is the first metallurgical plant, built in Ukraine from the scratch for almost half a century. Total volume of investments has amounted to 700 million US dollars. INTERPIPE STEEL is the largest electric steel-melting complex for production of round steel billets in the Eastern Europe. INTERPIPE STEEL has been designed to provide the Company’s pipe and wheel production with its own steel billets.
The production capacity of the new mill is 1.32 million tons of round steel billets a year.

  • 49051, Dnepropetrovsk region, Dnipro, Dneprostalivska st., 4
  • Tel. +380563715040, +380567474040


DNEPROVSKIY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS PLANT is one of the largest enterprises in the production of building materials with a wide range of products and rich history. The company has two workshops for the production of silicate and concrete bricks, a shop for the production of aerated concrete, lime shop. The production capacity allows to produce up to 10 million units per month of silicate brick for the construction of both high-rise and low-rise buildings. Since 2014, it has been launched in the production line of colored brick and tile. Distinctive features of the product are precise geometric dimensions, high durability and frost resistance. Only natural materials – sand, lime and water – are used in the production of silicate bricks, making it an environmentally friendly building material.

  • 49051, Dnipro, Alexander Otsupa st., 1b
  • Tel. fax: +38 (056) 729 51 84, +38 (056) 729 51 83


KP “Azovbudmaterialy” Firm is an enterprise with a centuries-old history, which dates back to the beginning of the last century, having passed through this time through numerous modernization and improvement of production capacities and processes. In recent years, the company has mastered many new and required types of construction products, the peculiarity of which is the high quality, non-declining demand, uniqueness in use. All production is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST, DSTU, TU and is certified in the system UkrSEPRO. Shipment of products is performed by road and rail.

  • 87538, Donetsk region, Mariupol, Marteniv arrey, 135
  • Tel. fax: +38 (0629) 48 44 88; +38 (0629) 48 20 31


Actis Group LLC is a leading supplier of a full range of specialized equipment: crushers, screens, sand and crushing plants, equipment for the transfer of bulk materials. The company also occupies a leading position in the market of Ukraine in providing crushed stone production services with its own mobile crushing and sorting complexes. Actis Group is based on the desire to continuously create significant competitive advantages for its customers.

  • 49027, Dnipro, Dmytro Yavornitsky ave., 42, of. 4
  • Tel. fax: +38 (056) 766 05 45, +38 (067) 632 63 09
  • email:


TFC Vertical LLC is one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Ukraine with 18 years of experience providing a full range of quality services in the organization of freight transportation and freight forwarding in Ukraine, the Baltic States, the CIS, Asia and Eastern Europe. The company provides the organization of transport support for road, rail and water modes of transport, with the support of a complete cycle of related operations and a full package of documentary support. TFC “Vertical” Ltd. has offices in 8 regions of Ukraine and its own dispatch center.

  • 04073, Kyiv, S. Bandera ave., 9-V
  • Tel. fax: +38 (044) 406 60 60
  • email:

“VBA” Trade Group

“VBA” Trade Group works in B2B market segment since 2007! Major companies, nationwide manufacturers, small organizations and private manufacturers as well are among our customers. Each of them has found his advantages of cooperation with us. We accept any ideas from our partners and do our best to bring such ideas to life! Our partners can always reckon on prompt delivery of order and high quality of goods as well as on due payment and comfortable cooperation conditions! Young, energetic, hard-working and ambitious guys work in our company. They teat any difficulty as personal challenge and do everything they can to make the customer satisfied!

  • 49023, Ukraine, Dnipro, Manuilovsky (Vorontsova) avenue, 17
  • Phone / Fax: +38 (056) 790 79 03, +38 (067) 382 70 70
  • email:


PP “Kratos” is engaged in development of limestone and clay of the Fedosievsky deposit in the Odessa region and construction of new mining production for further processing of raw materials. The approved lime stock is about 150 million tons and the clay component is 46 million tons. The company is in close proximity to markets, which reduces transport costs and offers a number of competitive advantages for potential consumers.

  • 67920, Odesa region, Krasnooknyanskiy district, Fedosiivka village
  • Phone: +38 0 67 441 86 22
  • email:

Representative Office in Ukraine Lhoist

Lhoist Group is the world leader in lime, dolomite and mineral production. The company is headquartered in Belgium. Also represented in 25 countries with more than 100 factories. The business is determined by working closely with customers, understanding their needs and delivering high quality products to meet customer requirements.

  • Ukraine, Lviv region, Lviv, Petliuri st., b.41


  • 225920, Belarus, Brest region, Maloritskiy district, Khotislavskaya village, 10, k.53, 2 floor
  • Phone: + 8-01651- 42499, Fax + 8-01651-42428
  • email:


Ferromet1 LLC is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the field of non-metallic materials supply. The company supplies raw materials to metallurgical plants, cement enterprises, sugar mills, road construction organizations and other industrial sectors of Ukraine.
The volume of products shipped by the enterprise is an average of 1.2 million tons per year.

  • Base st. 9, Zaporozhye 69005, Ukraine
  • Tel. +380 50 4869462

TOV ”Itaka-PV”

Mining and geology is the basis of Itaka-PV LLC. The company has extensive production experience in the development of carbonate and sand pits, as well as the latest modern mining equipment, mobile crushing and sorting complexes of world brands that allow to carry out mining and geological projects at a high technological level with low cost of production. Successfully developed technology for the development of carbonate quarries with a high content of clay without the use of BPD (drilling and blasting). Modern equipment and advanced production and enrichment technologies allow to conduct selective field development and integrated use of natural resources of different quarries of Ukraine.

  • 49027, Dnipro, Fuchika st., 18, of. 536
  • Tel. fax: +380 (567) 32 42 79, +380 (66) 771 77 41
  • email:

TOV Ukrainian-Greek Enterprise “IMTREX”

TOV Nadrabudinvest



Mining company “Ukrheoproekt” is the first in Ukraine private independent production-consulting company providing services in the field of exploration and use of natural resources, in particular in the field of evaluation, prospecting of solid minerals, fresh and mineral underground waters, mining engineering geology. Our clients include mining companies, banks, investment companies and funds. geological prospecting enterprises, public authorities and individuals in Ukraine and abroad.

  • 01001, Kyiv, st. B. Hmyri, 8-b
  • Tel. fax: +38 (044) 573 05 19, +38 (067) 996 29 65

Department of Chemical Technology of Silicate Materials of Lviv Polytechnic National University

The scientific direction of the department is “Development of physicochemical bases of the latest energy-saving technologies for obtaining new and improving the operational characteristics of existing refractory non-metallic and silicate materials”. Today the department is the only educational unit in Western Ukraine, which trains silicates specialists in three specializations: “Chemical technology of glass and sieve”, “Chemical technology of ceramics and refractories”, “Chemical technology of binders and products based on them”. According to the results of the departmental scientific researches more than 160 copyright certificates and patents have been obtained, more than 1000 articles and 15 monographs have been published.

  • 79000, Lviv region, Lviv city, Sq. St. Yura, 9.
  • Tel. fax: +38 (032) 258 21 67

Department of Mining and Mining Of National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Professional direction of the department training of specialists in the specialty of mining, as well as economics, management, computer technologies and scientific and technical activities. The graduates work as mining engineers, surveyors at mining enterprises of various profiles. The specialty is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and accredited by IV level, which allows to conduct training on educational and qualification levels – bachelor, specialist, master.

Magazine “Aspects of Construction”

All-Ukrainian information and advertising magazine Aspects of Construction covers all spheres of construction. The magazine brings to the reader the latest information about construction technologies, products and services in the construction market. A wide range of information – from the project to all the work that accompanies the construction, renovation of the home, its design and arrangement will be useful to the reader.

  • Lviv, V. Chornovola avenue, 59
  • Tel. fax: +38 (0322) 42 25 10, +38 (050) 955 68 97,
    +38 (098) 572 90 92, +38 (0322) 42 25 11

“Kapstroytelstvo” group

The KAPSTROYTELSTVO publishing group includes three independent printed projects: Kapstroytelstvo magazine, Beton & Asphalt magazine and the CIS Special Equipment catalog, as well as two Internet resources: and .ua. Capstroitelstvo magazine is a professional analysis of the situation and prospects of the construction market. Concrete & Asphalt Magazine is an issue covering two important topics: the concrete industry and the road construction industry. Catalog “Special equipment in the CIS” – a directory of world manufacturers of special machinery, equipment, spare parts, components, available on the Ukrainian market. – online catalog of manufacturers of construction equipment: construction, road, municipal, lifting, quarry, equipment, spare parts, components.

  • 04205, Kyiv, Obolonskiy district, Lugova st., 9
  • Phone: +38 (044) 451 64 08, Phone / Fax: +38 (044) 581 59 50
  • email:

The main building portal of Ukraine “Build Portal”

Build Portal is the first all-Ukrainian rating portal made in Ukraine. The largest database of manufacturers, suppliers of building materials and services, masters of construction profile, shops, specialized exhibitions – all information is gathered on one resource – on the Build Portal.
Daily news, articles and analytics. The Build Portal covers all the important activities of the construction market.

  • 02660, Kyiv, E. Sverstiuk st., 11B
  • Tel. fax: +38 (044) 500 47 97
  • email: