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UALIA presents the study of limestone production in Ukraine in the first half of 2021. TOP-10 producers of limestone January-June 2021

The Ukrainian Lime Industry Association made a new in-depth study of limestone production in the first half of 2021.

After a significant decrease in limestone production in 2017, with a minimum of 12.1 million tons, the following years showed a slight increase. In 2020, limestone production amounted to 13.3 million tons, which is a little higher than the previous year.

In the first half of 2021, the positive trend returned – 6.57 million tons of limestone were mined, which is 8% higher than last year.

Monthly production in 2021 is mostly higher than last year. Especially the noticeable growth occurred in the second quarter, at the level + 12-18% compared to the same months last year.

In 2021, the structure of production by regions is close to the previous year. Most regions in the first half of the year showed an increase in production, including the leaders: Ternopil (+ 13%), Donetsk (+ 9%) and Khmelnytskyi (+ 8%) regions. A significant decrease occurred only in Dnipropetrovsk region (-35%), due to a decrease in the production of KRC. In general, the three leaders: Ternopil, Donetsk, and Khmelnytskyi regions together provided 83% of production in January-June 2021.

The market of limestone mining is characterized by high concentration: in January-June 2021, the TOP-10 miners is 95%. In the top three, all companies increased production: Novotroitsk RU by + 9%, Ternopil Quarry by + 11%, GDP by + 7%. In total, the three leaders occupy 72% of the limestone mining market.

For other companies, it is necessary to note a significant decrease in KRC (-49%), as well as some decrease in YUGCEMENT (-6%).

TOP-10 producers of limestone 2021 (06)


For those interested, the ULIA offers a complete study, which includes the following documents:

  • Report (pdf format)
  • Database (Excel format) – contains complete information on producers of limestone within the period of 2017-2021 (6) in the context of each quarry.

The report contains the following sections:

  1. Production of limestone/dolomite, thousand tons 2014-2021 (6).
  2. Limestone production, thousand tons 2014-2021 (6).
  3. Limestone production: monthly dynamics, million tons 2020-2021 (6).
  4. Limestone mining: production areas, thousand tons 2016-2021 (6).
  5. MAP. Limestone mining by regions, million tons 2021 (6).
  6. Dynamics of limestone mining shares: groups of companies, thousand tons 2017-2021 (6).
  7. Dynamics of limestone mining shares: companies/quarries, thousand tons 2017-2021 (6).
  8. Limestone mining: companies/quarries in details, thousand tons 2017-2021 (6).
  9. Dynamics of average monthly production: groups of companies, thousand tons 2017-2021 (6).
  10. Monthly production dynamics: groups of companies, thousand tons 2021 (6).

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