Public Organization UKRAINIAN LIME INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (ULIA) was established in December, 2011. The initiators of the creation of the association were representatives of Ukrainian enterprises, which are engaged in the limestone mining, produce lime, provide services in the field of study and use of natural resources. The purpose of ULIA’s activities is to promote the formation in Ukraine of a powerful competitive industry for the extraction of carbonate raw materials, its processing and production of end products, helping its members and all participants of the domestic market of lime products to establish effective interaction and cooperation between themselves, state authorities, foreign enterprises and organizations. Since its creation, the association has been filled with a large number of official participants, including leading market companies. Traditional conferences and round tables are held annually, in which an increasing number of interested parties are involved – market players, product consumers and government agencies representatives. The development of the marketing analytical function enabled the ULIA to acquire the expert status. For the estimation of the state, trends and prospects of the market, individual companies, as well as specialized media and government structures are applying to the association. It is common for representatives of the association to be invited as speakers to conferences and other events of partner organizations and associations.

ULIA’s Tasks

  • improvement of industry standards;
  • development of new limestone products and markets;
  • informing potential investors about the prospects for industry development;
  • promotion of innovation, energy-saving technologies, advanced standards of global companies;
  • increasing the proportion of ecologically safe products;
  • environmental protection, sustainable development;
  • staff skill development, training quality improvement.